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Sun Scheduling

Everybody experiences the shortening days as we enter autumn and winter and then the pleasure of the lengthening warmer days as spring approaches. For your lawn and other plants, this means that their need for water dramatically changes throughout the seasons. Lawns for instance are very thirsty in summer but can go for a long […]
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Lawn watering using pop-up sprinklers

Even small lawns will benefit from installed pop-up sprinklers controlled by an appropriate irrigation controller. Unfortunately, these types of systems are more costly and labor intensive to install. Therefore, careful consideration needs to be given to the type, capability, number, and location of the sprinklers throughout your lawn. You want to ensure that you get […]
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Lawns – What to do now?

Summer is not far away so make sure that you prepare in advance for increased mowing, weed eradication, top dressing, fertilizing and irrigating. This will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful cooling summer lawn and lush garden. Some tips below to help you improve your lawn for when the weather warms: […]
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