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Some questions we often get asked

The Easy Irrigation Control System is unlike others in the market. It cost effectively spans a wide range of users. For example:
  • Homeowners can install a simple system with practically unlimited expansion opportunities for irrigation, lighting and mains powered devices. One controller and one cable.
  • Installers benefit as installation requires considerably less digging than that of conventional systems. Due to the system’s ability to continually expand, installers can get repeat business from happy clients. There is also the opportunity to replace clumsy multi-wire systems with a retrofit installation and continue with a single cable.
  • Landscapers/Property Managers benefit from exceptional multi-site/multi-user remote control of their clients’ sites, including garden lighting, pumps and mains powered devices.
  • Commercial growers’ benefit from:
    • Superior water management
    • Practically unlimited number of totally independent zones and advanced scheduling
    • The ability to automatically control all required pumps, diverter and purge valves.
The Easy Irrigation Control System is primarily different in how it is all connected and controlled. 

Conventional systems:
  • Use a special “irrigation cable” which has within it a fixed number of smaller delicate wires which connect to solenoid valves. Due to this, there is a hard limit to the number of irrigation solenoid valves/zones that can be used.
  • It is impossible to add more irrigation valves/zones without laying more cables.
  • If the cable is damaged and one of the delicate little wires is broken, it is difficult to find out where the break is. Some people just simply start all over again and lay a new cable which is a very tedious and expensive exercise.
  • The cable is not designed to operate any lighting as the wires are not capable of carrying the required electrical currents.
  • The controllers are also limited to the number of zones that can be controlled.
  • The controllers are usually difficult to program with their knobs, dials and confusing push buttons.

The Easy Irrigation Control System:

  • Uses a single two core cable which is thicker and more robust than conventional cables.
  • The cable can be used to control practically an unlimited number of irrigation solenoid valves/zones, pumps and mains powered devices.
  • Uses an EasyController which can handle the management of hundreds of zones with no upgrades needed enabling users to expand their system to dozens of zones with very little effort and without the expense of having to buy a new controller and/or lay more cable.
  • The system not only facilitates irrigation, but it could also manage lighting and optional mains control (i.e. a pool pump).
  • With its advanced control software, you can have a simple system to start with and expand to a very large and complex installation as your needs change.
  • If you are a commercial grower, the ability to tailor zones with precise durations (to the second), practically unlimited schedules (per day and in total), ability to schedule using sunrise/solar noon/sunset enabling optimum plant growth with efficient water management.
  • If there is a break in the robust cable it is easy to find and fix. The only valves that will stop working (indicated by a black buttons on screen) will be those located after the area where the cable has been damaged.
If the installation is for irrigation only, then approximately 100 zones can be controlled without the need for a larger transformer. The controller itself can control hundreds of zones. If the installation also has lighting, then the number of zones able to be handled by the transformer will depend on the electrical current needed when the maximum number of lighting zones are simultaneously on. A more powerful transformer might be needed but for most users this is not necessary. For enormous installations, more than one transformer is possible with separate power line cables.

By controlling practically an unlimited number of different zones, the Easy Irrigation Control System enables you to future proof the expansion of your system.  For example:

  • Users can start out with just a few zones of irrigation. Then as your requirements change – add more irrigation, lighting, or mains control (i.e. a pool or spa pump).
  • As plants grow and ideas evolve, it may become apparent that certain plants may have different watering requirements than the others in the same zone. This would then be a good time to split the zone and achieve better growth and water savings.
  • Every area irrigated will vary in its needs due to soil texture and water holding capacity. Duration will also need to be changed in different seasons. Having multiple zones will enable you to have more superior control.

The Easy Irrigation Control System can control a practically unlimited number of different schedules per day and in total. For example, you can manage the following:

  • In hot weather, delicate plants (e.g. bonsai, seedlings, pot plants, etc) may require several watering’s during each day.
  • Changing a schedule (e.g. omitting a rainy day) or increasing or reducing one or more durations is simple.
  • Set up series or group scheduling (see below).
If you have a large lawn or acreage, it cannot be watered with just one zone – there is not enough water pressure/flow. With the Easy Irrigation Control System, you can ensure that the whole lawn is watered by setting up the comprising zones (e.g. all the front lawn zones) to be scheduled to turn on in a “Series” (with different individual zone durations if desired). The comprising zones can also be set to slightly overlap. For example, when one zone stops and the next one starts, there is a few seconds overlap to prevent “water hammer”. This protects piping from undue forces.

Useful for lighting, is the feature of “Groups” whereby comprising zones are treated as one entity (e.g. “back lights”) and are all turned on simultaneously.
The Easy Irrigation Control System has the option to schedule with a sun event (i.e. sunrise, solar noon and sunset). When the system is first set up, you enter your actual site street address and the system automatically calculates the precise latitude and longitude which enables the system to accurately calculate your local sun events to the second.

Scheduling using a sun event is particularly beneficial for commercial growers as it enables them to have much better control over their crops. Vignerons and rose farmers, for example, can use this to automate irrigation to either start one hour after sunrise or at a set time before sunset. This ensures minimizing the chance of fungal infections and sun damage caused by droplets of water on the leaves.
You can buy direct. Simply call or email us for a quote and we will help you configure your system and discuss any needs you have. You can also buy through better installers.

The Easy Irrigation Control System is a high-end Landscape control system that offers vastly superior features and cost savings for users, especially as the number of zones increases.

The Easy Irrigation Control System can save you time and money in several ways. For example:

  • The ease of installation, maintenance, and expansion opportunities.
  • Simply being able to use any smartphone to turn off (or reduce) irrigation durations, saves water and money.
  • Remotely extending a watering duration during a hot day can save valuable plants from being damaged or dying.
  • The ability to automatically control many pumps and diverter valves is a feature, not provided by other systems, that can save time and money.
  • For hydroponics (or delicate seedlings/plants) the ability to automatically purge sun induced hot water (or chemicals) is a major benefit.

The cost of the system therefore really depends on the size of your property, the number of zones needed and what needs to be controlled (i.e. irrigation, lighting or mains control). We are happy to provide you an obligation free quote, based on your individual requirements.

We are always looking to expand and improve our technology to cater for everyone’s needs. As users provide feedback with their wish lists, we will add more powerline devices, features and improvements.

For example, we are looking to add sensors (for moisture, flow, humidity and other physical quantities) and other powerline devices- all using the same controller.
The system runs from software preloaded on the EasyController. This software is all that is needed to run every part of the system so, unlike some other systems, there is no need to connect to the internet or a router. If the system is connected to a router, this system is then available on the local network to any connected PC with a wired or WIFI connection. It is a true multi-user, real-time control system, but it can simply be used standalone with one screen and not connected to anything else. Unlike other systems, for access to the Easy Irrigation Control System via an internet connection, no additional Easy Irrigation App is required. As long as you can access the router to which the system is connected, you can have full control.
The controller is not linked to any proprietary cloud-based system as many other internet screen-based systems are. If you want remote multi-user access, the Easy Controller is simply connected to an internet router. Unlike some systems, there is no App that is required on a remote device, so you can use most web enabled devices. If your site has a fixed IP address it is even simpler (or use Chrome remote desktop that can be easily set up in a few minutes).

You can use a standard PC screen or a touch screen on site and/or use any Wi-Fi device linked to the router- mobile phone, tablet, PC. You can even program voice control. Unlike some recent devices that exceed the bounds of proven technology, the Easy Irrigation Control System uses proven industry technology used in over 100 million devices worldwide

The controller “injects” a control signal into the cable (called the “powerline”). Wired into the powerline at convenient places are devices called “EasySwitches”. Each EasySwitch has 2 pairs of output wires that can be wired to either an irrigation solenoid or to 12-volt garden LED lighting. Each EasySwitch has a unique internal ID so the EasyController knows where each zone is. You simply name each zone with some meaningful text, such as “back lawn” or “pool lights”, etc. When a zone is instructed to turn on, the EasySwitch does the rest. It counts down and turns the zone off when the exact specified duration (to a fraction of a second) has expired. Having many zones simultaneously on, presents no difficulty to the controller. The Easy Irrigation system is a dream as a full multi-user, multi-site controller.
Essentially the EasyController is a computer on which we have installed very advanced software. Connected to the EasyController computer is a USB device which then connects into the EasyCoupler device. The EasyUSBCoupler has 2 wires that then connect to the powerline which is powered by the transformer. Connections are very simply and quick. If it is desired that the powerline starts in a different place to the EasyController then the USB device is plugged into a normal power point and an EasyMainsCoupler can be plugged into another power point (on the same electrical phase) anywhere else that is convenient (e.g. in a garage or garden shed). The transformer is then positioned along with the EasyMainsCoupler and connected as usual to the start of the powerline.
In existing multi-wire irrigation cable, you separate the individual little wires into two parts and then continue the expansion with the superior 2 core cable. This way you do not have to replace the existing cable nor dig it up! See the Technical Advantages document for more details.
Each EasySwitch device has 2 output “ports” and the user selects (in a simple setup screen) what is connected to each port – irrigation, lighting or a power relay (for controlling mains powered devices). The user set any irrigation zone to automatically control (turn on and off) a needed pump. You can change the setup at any time. Once setup, you enter how long it should be on (the default duration). You can specify in days, hours, minutes, and seconds if needed, or you can say when the zone turns off. For example, you can set the driveway lights to turn off at 4 hours after local sunset or at 11pm.
The EasySwitch is a very solid and robust device. The circuitry inside is encased in strong waterproof epoxy which is then encased in an aluminium enclosure. However, a heavy vehicle could damage it! If damaged, it is simple to wire in a replacement and configure the ports as before.
No. Unless you want to control mains powered devices with an electrician installed power relay (eg a powerful spotlight, spa/pool pump, fan or other main powered device).

Standard irrigation pump control relays can be user connected. The powerline operates at a safe low voltage of 24VAC.
The system runs without the internet. Even if it is connected to the internet, the system will still function and perform all scheduling but, of course, remote internet access will not be possible. Local WIFI and LAN control will not be affected.
If a power failure occurs, the system will stop working! However, schedules and other data will not be lost, and schedules will resume for all future schedules when the power is restored. The system logs every event and this logging feature may interest advanced users. A suitable UPS can be used for critical situations.

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