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Irrigation Systems
Reference note.
Number of zones/stations1 to 68 to 241 to 100+1
Multi-user remote controlLimitedNoYes2
Add more zones without controller changeNoNoYes3
Number of totally independent zones11 or 2Unlimited4
Series control for multiple zonesNoNoYes5
Group control for simutaeous zonesNoNoYes6
Control lighting and mains devicesNoNoYes7
Automatically control pumpsNoYes. Maximum 2.Yes. Unlimited number8
Automatically control diverter valvesNoNoYes. Unlimited number9
Master valve controlN/AIn someYes10
Single robust cableN/ANo. Multiple thin delicate wiresYes11
Installation/expansion - digging for piping + wiring requiredN/AMore diggingLess digging12
Periodic battery replacement requiredYesYesNo13
Range - cover large areasLimitedYesYes14
Notification of watering banned timesNoNoYes15
Easy to read displayLimitedVery poor - knob and dialsYes16
Touch screen optionOnly some via smartphoneNoYes17
Scheduling - number of starts (on's) per day and in totalVery limitedLimited per day and totalUnlimited per day and total18
Minimum run time/durationUsually 1 minute1 minute1 second19
Maximum run time/duration30 - 120 minutes90 - 120 minutes99 days20
"Wet and Wait" cyclingNoNoYes21
Needed delay between turning on different zones1 minuteZeroZero22
Number of simutaneous zones that can be controlledNone2Unlimited23
Scheduling - days of week, every nth dayLimitedLimitedUnlimited and flexible24
Rain sensor connectionN/AYesYes25
Maintenance issues/costsReplace when weather exposedCabling may be difficult to trace and repairFaults are easy to locate and rectify26
Vandal proofVulnerableVulnerableYes. The controller is housed inside27
Future proofNoNoYes28
1. Almost all conventional controllers are strictly limited in the number of zones that they control and almost all users will want to expand their system in the future.
2. Some controllers offer user remote control, mostly limited and most require a special app. The Easy Irrigation System is accessible via most web browsers with no special app.
3. The Easy Irrigation System can be expanded to control hundreds of zones/devices with no change to the controller and using a single cable.
4. Most controllers (including very expensive ones) cannot control more than one zones at a time. The Easy Irrigation System can control any number of zones simultaneously.
5. The Easy Irrigation System allows the user to string a number of zones/devices into a Series that can be treated as a single entity - very useful for large lawns or creating set watering patterns.
6. Similar to "Series" control the Easy Irrigation System allows zones/devices to be put into a "Group" allowing all zones/devices to be turned on/off together.
7. This is a feature of the Easy Irrigation System that is not available in usual irrigation controllers. The system can control normal irrigation solenoids, LED garden lighting and mains devices.
8. The Easy Irrigation System can control any and all pumps needed for the irrigation zones. Most conventional system are limited to none, one or two.
9. Large installations typically have a main water supply line with smaller diameter branches controlled by manual valves. The Easy Irrigation System can automate these diverter valves.
10. A master valve is strongly recommended for most systems and the Easy Irrigation System can automatically control master valves, diverter valves and any required pumps.
11. The Easy Irrigation System uses a single inexpensive robust 2-core cable for almost unlimited expansion- no re-digging to lay more cable, greatly reduced installation time, complexity + labour.
12. Laying the water supply pipe in the same trench as the cable reduces installation labour.
13. The controller will preserve all settings (eg schedules, user, text, etc) after a power outage. If required the controller can be connected to a standard PC UPS.
14. WiFi and bluetooth devices are very limited in their range and have issues with walls/buildings in the line of sight, making such systems unsuitable in many cases.
15. The Easy Irrigation System can be set up to display messages (based on date and time) such as "Watering is now not permitted", "Please turn off all lights at 10pm", etc.
16. The Easy Irrigation System is fully computer based with simple displays, accessed on a screen (touch screen option) and/or via a standard web browser on smartphones, laptops, PCs or tablets.
17. The system can be used with most PC screens of FHD resolution (1024 x 768); recommended size 20"+. The touch screen is a great option to use.
18. Often waterings are best achieved with several cycles (beginning /end of the day). Most system are very limited in the number of schedules ("starts") for a day and in total.
19. Over watering not only wastes water but it can also damage plants. The difference between a duration of 5 minutes compared to 4 minutes, 30 seconds, is a considerable amount over a year.
20. Long durations are useful for lighting or for plants that require a big soak or long periods of slow drip watering. Slow drip irrigation is very effective in minimizing water wastage.
21. Cycling a duration on/off ("wet and wait") is a feature that further minimizes water wastage by allowing time for the water to soak in and minimize runoff.
22. Most systems cannot run more than one zone at a time and some require a delay between turning on zones. For lots of zones this becomes an issue.
23. For large installations that draw water using mains and/or pumps, running simultaneous zones is essential to quickly irrigate the entire area/landscape.
24. Weather is very unpredictable. The ability to simply and quickly adjust a schedule (say from every day to just Monday and Friday or every 3rd day) is very desirable.
25. Many councils require connection of a rain sensor.
26. The Easy Irrigation controller "handshakes" with the single cable device. A device failure or cable break is indicated with a black button on screen. No conventional system does this.
27. The Easy Irrigation System has the controller and screen inside.
28. The controller is computer based and Easy Irrigation clients on maintenance receive regular updates providing improvements and new features.
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