Zones – what are they and how many do I need?

Due to the set limitations to a property’s water pressure and flow, it is impossible to water every part of the landscape all at the same time. To water your garden effectively, you will need to divide the landscape into different areas (called “zones”) and water each zone separately.

When setting up an irrigation system, you will need to determine how many zones you will need now and in the future. This can sometimes be difficult to determine, as different parts of your garden will have different watering requirements, which will need to be managed under their own separate zone. For example:

    • Lawns require long, infrequent waterings. This encourages the roots to penetrate into the soil. Short waterings can leave a lawn patchy and dry.
    • Seedlings and most summer veggies will require at least 2-3 waterings on a hot summer day.

In order to determine the number of irrigation zones that your garden will require, you should consider the following:

    • Lawns – How big is the lawn? A big lawn cannot be covered with just one zone.
    • How many areas need to be covered (i.e. front and back)?
    • Hedges – Different sizes and types to be covered?
    • Vegetable patch – Do any of the plants have special requirements (e.g. seedlings)?
    • Special plants – How many? What requirements do they have?
    • Do you have a fernery or glasshouse/hot house?
    • Future changes – Do you plan on changing or adding to your garden in the future?
    • How much expansion is possible?

Knowing the number of zones that you want to cover is especially important, as it impacts the type of irrigation system/controller that you can use. For example, many conventional irrigation controllers are often restricted to as few as 8 zones, and they cannot be expanded. If you want to have a 9th zone, you will need to set up another controller and re-dig to install more irrigation cable! In comparison, the Easy Irrigation system can manage a practically unlimited number of zones. It can also be expanded in the future, without any need to change the screen-based controller or re-dig for more cabling.

As you can see, knowing what number of zones are needed to irrigate your garden is particularly important, and choosing the right system will save you time, money and add value to your property.


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