Sun Scheduling

Everybody experiences the shortening days as we enter autumn and winter and then the pleasure of the lengthening warmer days as spring approaches. For your lawn and other plants, this means that their need for water dramatically changes throughout the seasons. Lawns for instance are very thirsty in summer but can go for a long time without watering in winter when their growth is virtually nil.

For a garden that has an automatic irrigation system, these seasonal changes present a challenge to the user and ultimately necessitate the need for a simple way to change scheduled waterings in both frequency and durations. Unfortunately, most irrigation controllers are very poor at achieving these necessary changes. When one scheduled watering is deleted, some controllers force you to re-enter the entire schedule. When you want to just change the duration of the next scheduled watering, some controllers change all the durations for the schedule! This is all very inconvenient and frustrating but there is another issue.

If you have scheduled the lawn to be watered at, say 4pm every second day in summer then as autumn approaches, both the duration and the scheduled start time are inappropriate. Watering the lawn so that water remains on the leaves after sunset is inviting fungal diseases and a duration that lasts too long is inviting a slushy area and the growth of moss.

So, the solution to these two problems is to be able to simply adjust the irrigation set time and the duration. With the Easy Irrigation system, you can set the scheduled time to automatically change with the lengthening or shortening day. For example, you can set the lawn to be watered 3 hours before sunset (ensuring that all the water soaks in) and the Easy Irrigation controller will automatically adjust the starting time for every day. Secondly, with the Easy Irrigation system you can quickly reduce or increase the duration for either the entire schedule or just one or more scheduled times without re-entering the entire schedule. Furthermore, for large lawns that require several watering zones, the Easy Irrigation system can treat them as a single zone, thereby dramatically reducing the complexity of scheduling.

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