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Control irrigation, lighting and mains powered devices

Smart AND easy to use interface

Dozens of Unmatched Features & Capabilities

  • Control irrigation, lighting and mains powered devices.
  • Manually and/or automatically turn on and off necessary pumps, purge and diverter valves.
  • Simple and/or advanced calendar scheduling capabilities: 
    • Practically unlimited schedules per day and in total
    • Durations can be set to days/hours/minutes/seconds.
    • On/Off times can use local sunrise/sunset/solar noon.
    • Use a “Series” to turn on two or more areas one after the other (e.g. large lawns need several zones) and minimize water hammer.
    • Set up a “Group” to control several zones simultaneously (e.g. turn on all lights in the driveway and in the BBQ area).
    • “Wet & Wait” on/off cycling – allows water to soak in.
    • Be notified of “banned times” e.g. prohibited watering hours
Easy irrigation system app
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