Lawns – What to do now?

Summer is not far away so make sure that you prepare in advance for increased mowing, weed eradication, top dressing, fertilizing and irrigating. This will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful cooling summer lawn and lush garden.

Some tips below to help you improve your lawn for when the weather warms:

    • Only cut the top 1/3 of the grass. This helps encourage strong and even growth.
    • Consider fertilising and top dressing. When top dressing, ensure that you do not smother the grass leaves. The grass leaves should just poke through and be watered thoroughly. You can do several top dressings over time to level an area.
    • Bindi-eyes should be attended to as soon as they appear. Specific sprays are highly effective and are best applied before the bindi-eye seeds harden.
    • Weed and feed sprays are good for fertilising and for broad leave weed control. We recommend a “full” application of fertilizer (such as Shirley’s number 17 or similar) every early autumn and spring.
    • Normal watering should only be done when the lawn needs it. Make sure you perform long, infrequent waterings to ensure that the moisture penetrates several centimeters (dig down and check). Frequent short waterings are not good for the lawn as it encourages the root to go to the surface where they can be susceptible to sun damage and drying out.
    • The best way to ensure that you provide the appropriate amount of water for your lawn, especially in the hot summer, is by investing in a good irrigation system. A good system will make your life easier, improve the condition of your garden and add value and beauty to your property.


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