Save water and protect your property – install a master valve

When setting up an irrigation system it is important not to attach the main water supply to the irrigation piping. Although this is a common mistake by DIYers (and some installers), it is illegal and can damage your system. Correct setup (preferably done by a suitably qualified person) is as follows:

    1. Tee off the pipe leading to the tap – this permits the tap to be used normally by providing a separate feed for the irrigation system.
    2. Install a manual valve so the entire irrigation system can be shut off if requited.
    3. Install a non-siphoning “check valve”- this prevents dirty water from backflowing into the mains supply.
    4. Connect a “master valve”- this ensures that water only enters the system once an irrigation zone is turned on, thus preventing any unnecessary pressure to the piping and valves when there is no watering.

Without the master valve, all the irrigation piping and valves will be constantly under pressure from the water supply, leading to possible damage. A leak or break anywhere (often initially undetected) could cause water to flow or gush out! A small leak may go unnoticed wasting lots of water, and a major break may cause water damage to your property or to a neighbouring property!

Installing a master valve is a great asset (a “fail safe”) and insurance policy in the long run – saving water, time, and money.  The Easy Irrigation Controll System is one of the only systems on the market that will allow you to automatically control the master solenoid valve, so that when any zone is turned ON, the master valve will be set to automatically turn ON at the same time.

The master valve can also be wired through a standard rain sensor so that the irrigation zones will not be watered when it is raining. Since a rain sensor is often mandatory during water restrictions this method can be ideal to make the system legal.

If you have any questions about how the Easy Irrigation Control System can work for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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