Our customers are very happy with their Easy Irrigation Systems.

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As one of the largest wholesale nurseries in Australia, we depend on our powerful Easy Irrigation system to maintain our stock in perfect condition. With multiple climate zones requiring different irrigation conditions and several pumps in the nursery layout, the system ensures we have the ability for flexible scheduling with both simple automation and direct manual control. One of the best features is the remote access functionality that allows us to access the system anytime, anywhere.

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Easy Irrigation is the easiest irrigation controller and system I have found. It was simple to install, simple to set up and simple to use. I set it and let it run. It's easy to cancel a watering just for today, or any day in the future. It's easy to modify the scheduling and very easy to add new zones. I am very happy with the system.

J. H (Home owner) from Turramurra, NSW
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It gives me (and my neighbours) a kick to see my driveway lights turn on every day at exactly sunset and I feel confident that the schedules that I set up will keep my garden appropriately watered.

M.P. (Home owner) from Wahroonga, NSW
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We have a large landscaped property and find the Series capability in the Easy Irrigation system so easy to control and schedule our many zones and with the touch screen manual control is so quick and simple. We use the remote control facility extensively which allows us to water only when required. This is a serious professional irrigation system easy to install and easy to operate.